Choose 2 appetizers:  red pepper hummus, fish dip, zucchini carpaccio, whipped feta, pimento cheese


Choose 4 Sandwiches/Wraps:  Green, Mabel, Shack Attack, Cubano, TBBC, Pimento BLT, or Sombrero (Menu descriptions are listed in the box beneath this section.  Specify sanwich or wrap.


Choose 2 premium house bottles of wine (white or red)


Need to see a menu?  Menu items and descriptions are located in the section beneath this one.

Type your choices in the mandatory text section.


Shack Pack Double Time

  • Appetizers. Choose 2 from below:

    pimento cheese:  mabel’s recipe of smoked gouda and cheddar blended with peppers.  served with crackers and crostini

    red pepper hummus:  with celery, carrots, and tortilla chips

    whipped feta: served with toast points, carrots and celery

    zucchini carpaccio: ribbon cut zucchini and arugula gently tossed with parmesan and olive oil

    smoked fish dip:  house smoked local fish served up cold with crackers


    Sandwich or Wrap. Choose 4  from below:

    the mabel. black forest ham, smoked in house turkey breast, bacon, pimento cheese, tomato, onion + greens

    the green. tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, black beans, banana peppers, hummus, feta, guacamole + greens

    shack attack. house-made shrimp salad (dill, onion + celery), cucumbers, tomato + greens

    the sombrero. southwestern chicken, black beans, guacamole, pico, tomato + greens

    cubano. smoked mojo pork, capicola ham, swiss cheese, spicy mustard, black beans, pickles + tomato

    t.b.b.c. house smoked turkey, bacon, brie, mango chutney, tomato + greens

    pimento blt. bacon, house-made pimento cheese, tomato, duke’s mayo + greens

    Wine.  Choose 2.

    Choose Red or White Premium House Wine​